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Take a look at these 6 short videos of art historians talking about the beauty of Venice to get an idea of the content our app provides.
Cavalli di San Marco

Watch this video to learn the history of the famous horses of the Basilica di San Marco, which have come to symbolize Venice. An interesting debate between the art historian Alessandra Novellone and Marco Carminati.

Conservatorio della pietà

In the 1700s, the Conservatorio della Pietà, which includes the Santa Maria della Pietà church, offered one of the most magical and unforgettable experiences music lovers could have in Venice. This video tells you all about it.

Chiesa di San Sebastiano

This video is all about the Chiesa di San Sebastiano, Paolo Veronese’s final resting place and a 16th-century masterpiece.

 Chiesa di San Trovaso

In this video, the art historian Alessandra Novellone, talks about the church and the great masterpiece that it contains: Jacopo Tintoretto’s Last Supper.

Squero di San Trovaso

In this video, the art historian Alessandra Novelone tells about the San Trovaso shipyard, the oldest in the city, where Venice’s world-famous gondolas are still made today.

Scuola Grande del Carmine

The video describes the most recent of the six confraternities known as the Scuole Grandi of Venice, the Scuola Grande del Carmine. Its main room was decorated by Giambattista Tiepolo.


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